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How to prepare your home for a successful exterior paint job

How to prepare your home for a successful exterior paint job

One of the most dramatic changes in look you can make to your home is painting the exterior. This will change the look, feel and energy of your residence depending on the color(s) that you choose and how it gets applied. There is an endless possibility of color combinations but only the one you select is the perfect one for you. Do not get me wrong, while it is one of the biggest changes that can be done to your residence, you also must understand that it is no small nor easy task (although we make it as painless as possible).

Every good job starts with a good initial inspection of your home and a in-depth conversation with your professional painting sales person. Make sure that you communicate with your sales person every detail that you would like addressed. People may think differently than you and they might not see the same defects. Communication is the key to a successful project in painting and any other construction trade. I would recommend thinking about some important points like:

  • Put together a color palette
  • Make a list of your most important project details and areas and provide it to the crew supervisor. This will allow the team to make sure they complete these details to your liking.
  • Make a list of what you are looking to get from your contractor and share it

Once that you have successfully planned your painting project is when the actual work begins on the house. Depending on the size of your home it might take from 3 – 5 days to over a week to complete the process. The GC Framing and Painting crew will wash, prepare and paint the discussed surfaces to your specifications. However, here are some of the things that you want to do before the paint crew comes to your house.

  • Remove all cars, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles
  • Remove any removable design accent items you might have around the walls
  • Remove any plan pots that are near with your home
  • Remove all pet bowls, food and water
  • Put your pets in an enclosed area away from the work site or inside your home
  • Remove any shoes, toys, and other items from the exterior
  • Trim plants away from your walls
  • Remove any Christmas or LED lights, cameras and other sensible items from your eaves
  • Warn your neighbors of the exterior paint job you are having, this way they can prepare their perimeter as well.

Follow these important steps and you will have a successful paint job at your residence. Remember that this is no small project so make sure that you get the best return on your investment. Our painting crew has the knowledge, tools and attitude to bring you an exceptional experience. It is important that you do your part, as this magnitude of project can only be completed successfully with great team effort. Give us a call today at (619) 882 – 9309 or Contact Us Online and put our painting and decorating team to the test.