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Exterior Residential Painting Services

Exterior Residential Painting Services

The exterior part of a resident is as vital as the interior part. Everyone sees the exterior part of the house, unlike the interior, so you should give the two parts the same much-needed attention they deserve. They both matter in their way. Just like you can be judged by your interior painting, you can be judged by exterior painting as well. Are you looking to have a picture-perfect house, a house that portrays elegance and class? Well, you can have whatever you want, we are just a call away. Just call us and tell us what you need. If you’re not sure of what you want, we always offer professional advice.

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Exterior Painting Process

Power Wash

Sealing exterior trim boards

Prepare Body and Trim

Paint Exterior Siding

Paint Body and Trim

Clean Up House

Clean Up

Before the painting process starts, we gather all the details needed from our customers on what kind of work the customer wants. Like we stated earlier, if the client is not sure of what type of paint or color to use for the walls, we offer professional advice too. Then we inspect or evaluate the exterior of the house to know the amount of paint needed and what needs to be done before we start painting. You can either get the painting materials yourself, or we accompany you or get them for you. Whichever way that pleases you, the customer, we comply.
After all the necessities are done, we start the prepping process.

Firstly we remove or cover any exterior furniture like flower pots or foot mats or whatever, that is close to the wall to avoid messing them up. Cleaning the wall before painting the exterior part of a house is more complicated than that of the interior part cause unlike the interior of a house, the exterior part is more exposed. Normally this is done by power washing the surface and adding a degreaser to the mix. The nature of the weather has much influence in the exterior part causing dirt, molds, or mildews on the wall. So before painting the exterior part of the house, we thoroughly scrub and scrape off mildews, molds, and dust from the walls. This cleaning process is really necessary for a perfect outcome.

Next, we fill up or seal up cracks or openings on the walls to avoid moisture and pest from seeping through the walls. These holes and cracks can as well cause severe damages to the exterior painting. The next step is applying the paints and stain. We apply the stains on surfaces where the paints are not suitable. We apply the paints to suitable parts of the exterior wall. When the paint dries up, we apply a weather protection coating to make sure the exterior can withstand any weather condition. We apply the coating on the stains too. When the whole process is done, we inspect our job to make sure we did a perfect job then we clean up and put in place items that were removed.

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GC Framing is one of the best exterior painting services provider in San Diego County. We offer excellent services at reasonable prices, value for your money is guaranteed, and we always maintain excellent customer relationships with all our clients. Our jobs are always successful and highly recommended. We are made up of highly trained professionals that produce only the best results. Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.

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