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Interior Residential Painting Services

Interior Residential Painting Services

The pattern and color of which the interior of a house is painted, says a lot about its resident. Painting the interior part of a home is a serious business. When painting a house, there are lots of things to be considered. The color of paint and design or pattern that are chosen should match with the interior decorations or furniture. Imagine painting the wall with brown color paint and having a pink cushion or a pink rug… I can’t even imagine it. Like we mentioned earlier, whatever the color or pattern the interior part of a house is painted can say much about its residents. If the painting is tacky, you could be seen as a disorganized person, but if your wall is well painted, you could be seen as someone that has a well-calculated life. Some people like to do painting their selves or with the help of friends. We are not disputing that could be an option, but why not let professionals do it. With professional help, you do not need to worry about spoiling your floor with paint or creating a tacky outcome, or mismatching the color or even using an off-color paint.

Contact us today at (619) 882 – 9309 for a professional touch. We here at GC Framing always meet up with the taste of our customers. We paint every part of the interior of a house (and commercial properties as well) from the kitchen to the living room area, with any painting and finishing you need, whether it is a glossy finish or flat or matte finish. We always deliver the best service.

Interior Painting Process

As professionals, we take our painting process serious. We make each step with enough carefulness and concentration. First, we have a meeting with the client (property owner) to get details of the kind of job that is needed, the pattern or design and the color required. We can also offer professional advice on the sort of paint and paint color to use that will match with your furniture and interior decorations. Then we send in our professionals to inspect the walls to find out the amount of paint needed and what to expect when the painting process starts.

After careful evaluation, we start the step by the step painting process.

  • We cover your floors and furniture with plastic sheets or clothes to avoid messing them up with paint.
  • We fill holes or cracks on the walls and ceilings, then we scrape off or sand scuff old paints or rough surfaces to smoothen the surface for a proper finish.
  • We coat your walls and ceiling with appropriate and best quality paints that soothe the house with any finish you want.
  • When we are done painting, we clean up the apartment and arrange, placing all the removed furniture back where they were.
  • After the whole process, we inspect our job to make sure we did a great job.

The time we spend on a job depends on the size of the job, but we can assure you that we won’t use more or less than the appropriate time for the job.

Our Services

GC Framing is one of the best interior painting service providers in San Diego County. We always maintain an excellent customer relationship with all our clients. Our jobs are successful, and our values and quality are always maintained. We are made up of highly trained painting professionals that produce only the best results.  Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority.

Call us now at (619) 882 – 9309 for an excellent job.